Mighty Line T Shape

Item Number: MLST Catalog Image

T's for floor marking for corners, pallet locations, etc. Measure 6" x 6" of either 2" or 3" legs. 25 peices per package.



Mighty Line Angle

Item Number: ML5SA Catalog Image

Ideal for marking pallet staging lanes. 6" x 6" in either 2" wide or 3" wide vinyl, 25 per package.




Mighty Line Glow Arrows

Item Number: MLGA Catalog Image

Mighty Line 10" Luminescent Tape Arrows will glow the way to safety, aids in aisle marking with glow products.


Mighty Line Glow Tape

Item Number: MLGT Catalog Image

Mighty Line Glow tape is useful for outlining aisle marking of escape/exit emergency routes when the lights go out. Luminescent safety tape can also be used to outline doorways.



Mighty Line Footprints with luminescent center

Item Number: MLFLC Catalog Image

Help personnel find exits in case of emergency.  Mighty Line Feet with luminescent stripe help personnel find exits in case of power outages. measure 9.5' x3.5". Price shown is per package of 25 pair.



Mighty Line Glow Dots

Item Number: MLGD Catalog Image

Glow Dots are available in 2.75" or 3.75" diameters and are sold 100 per carton. Luminescent shapes help complete the glow in the dark line up. Round shapes resist peeling up by pallets/skids in the shipping area.


Mighty Line Glow Feet

Item Number: MLGF Catalog Image

Mighty Line Glow glow feet useful for aisle marking of escape/exit emergency routes when the lights go out. 


Mighty Line Aisle Marking Tape with diagonal

Item Number: ML2D Catalog Image

White or yellow with black diagonal or white with red diagonal.  




$153.00 EA$145.00 EA$137.00 EA

Mighty Line Brick Tape

Item Number: MLBT Catalog Image

Blue/Yellow Brick design in either 2" or 4" widths


PermaStripe Plain Colors

Item Number: 60001 Catalog Image

PermaStripe® Floor Marking Tape comes in 2", 3" or 4" standard widths and 8 standard colors. This 43 mil thick Industrial Grade PVC comes with a 2 Year warranty.  Material is solid color PVC, not a printed tape. Rolls come in 98' rolls. Meets modern 5S requirements.