OSHA Aisle Marking Regulations

By Michael Sleigh on 2007-02-19 08:07:49 -


OSHA regulations are not very specific when it comes to requirements for a facility's permanent aisles and passageways.  By making general statements, OSHA allows employers the freedom to set up aisles to best accommodate the functions of their facility.

Regulations require that permanent aisles and passageways must be marked, but don't define how it should be done.  OSHA does designate yellow as the CAUTION color, to be used for marking physical hazards such as stumbling, falling or tripping.  In addition to marking with Tapes such as Mighty Line, aisles may be painted or marked with flags, traffic cones or barrels.

ANSI Z535.2 Safety Color Code also defines SAFETY YELLOW as the identification of CAUTION.  It requires thie use of solid yellow, yellow and black stripes, or yellow and black checkers for maximum contrast with the particular background and it designates the combination of black and yellow as the preferred method for traffic markings.