Seiton With Mighty Line Aisle Marking Tape

By Michael Sleigh on 2009-01-16 08:43:05 -

Seiton: Sorting is the part of the 5 S methodology that deals with the need for an orderly work area.  Maintaining an orderly work area promotes timely work flow.  Mighty Line Aisle Marking Tape can help  maintain an orderly work area.  Use Mighty Line Aisle Striping Tape to mark forklift pathways, hazardous areas and rest areas.  Use Mighty Line Feet to mark walkways.  Mighty Line dots, angles and T's work well to mark pallet storage areas.

5 S is mostly a common sense approach to organizing your business through a structured program that allows you to achieve total organization, cleanliness and standardization.  Mighty Line Industrial aisle marking tape will enhance your 5 S efforts.