Aisle Marking Colors and OSHA Requirements

By Michael Sleigh on 2010-12-28 07:52:17 -

Many times customers ask "What are the OSHA color requirements for industrial aisle marking?  What color of Mighty Line Aisle Marking Tape do I need in various circumstances?"  OSHA only has recommendations for colors.  As long as the facility has a standard color legend that communicates easily to employees the situation at hand, it is more effective than a bunch of words.  OSHA's guideline colors are as follows: 

  • Black/Yellow - Caution
    Mark hazards that could cause stumbling, falling, tripping, trapping, etc.
  • Black/White - Boundary
    Stairways, traffic aisles, etc.
  • Red/White - Fire
    Fire alarm, extinguisher, fire exit, fire hydrant and pumps locations.
  • Green/White - Safety
    Locations of first aid, eye wash, and safety equipment.