Thicker Is Better With Mighty Line Aisle Striping Tape

By Michael Sleigh on 2013-02-28 07:17:08 -

Mighty Line aisle marking tape is the answer to the question "What can I use to mark my warehouse aisles that will last more than a few months"?  Mighty Line aisle marking tape is thick, 40-45 mils thick for widths up to 5 inches and 30-37 mils for 6 inch wide tape.  This aisle marking method will hold up far longer than the thin flimsy masking tape products or paint.  Most Mighty Line installations will last 3 years or longer instead of the few months that you get from other tapes and paint.  Mighty Line tape also has bevelled edges to reduce the chance of delamination from snagging.  Thicker is better with Mighty Line.  Try it today by clicking catalog page above.