Follow The Mighty Line Luminescent Stripe

By Michael Sleigh on 2014-01-31 07:46:14 -

Do you ever have power outages at your plant or warehouse?  If so, you need Mighty Line Luminescent Stripe Aisle Marking Tape to help employees, customers or others get out of the building.  The outage could be caused by fire or some other disaster.  Help everyone get out safely with Might Line Luminescent Stripe Tape.  The tape's center line will glow when it is dark helping everyone find a safe route out of the building. A thick 4"x100 foot roll of Mighty Line Luminescent Stripe Tape is $150.00.  Mighty Line Aisle Marking Tapes will last longer because they are thicker than the thin masking tape type products on the market.  Order your's from this site today.