Tired of Painting Lines Buy Mighty Line

By Michael Sleigh on 2014-06-30 12:36:14 -

Are you tired of painting marking lines on your warehouse floor over and over and over again?  If you are, it's time you invested in Mighty Line Aisle Marking Tape. Mighty Line Aisle Marking Tape will last for years and will eliminate that continuous painting of striping on your warehouse floor.  All you have to do is clean the area where striping is to be applied and then apply.  No more factory downtime for that messy painting of aisle stripes.  If the Mighty Line Aisle Marking Tape is ever damaged from dragging pallets over it, simply cut out affected area and replace with a piece of Mighty Line Aisle Striping Tape.  Pretty simple isn't it?  Try it today and find out.